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To Love To Leave To Live (2019)

In 2013, after two and a half years of marriage, Rachel Ries found herself touring a record around the world, accompanied by a stack of divorce papers in a pocket of her suitcase. She had left her marriage and a good man in New York City and leapt into the untethered unknown. What transpired was in turns euphoria and despondence; old lessons learned in new ways. The songs on To Love To Leave To Live are a compassionate and at times wry catalogue of those tumultuous years. Out May 31st 2019, TLTLTL is the debut album for Her Crooked Heart.

Production by Shane Leonard & Rachel Ries 
Recorded by Brian Joseph at Pinehollow and hive. 
(Thank you Evan Middlesworth!) 
Mixed by Brian at hive. 
Mastered by Zach Hanson and Brian Joseph. 
Additional recording by Shane at The Bungaleau and Rachel in her Petite Palais. 
Letters string arrangement by Rob Moose; Pleasant Valley Reservoir strings arranged by Rob and Shane Leonard. 
All strings performed and recorded by Rob Moose. 
Woodwinds on Young Love arranged, performed and recorded by Alec Spiegelman. 
Photography by Sheri Manson 
Styling by Andrew Medlin with assistance from Rachael Price 
Hair and makeup by Robin Watson Hamilton 
Special thanks to Tofu the pigeon and her keeper Maddy Joyce, as well as Mookie the turtle and her keeper, Kim Rose.  

Rachel Ries: vocals, guitars, piano, rhodes 
Shane Leonard: drums, percussion, guitars, organ, vocals 
Pat Keen: upright, electric bass 
Rob Moose: strings 
Mike Lewis: saxophone 
John deHaven: trumpet, flugelhorn 
Ben Lester: pedal steel 
Alec Spiegelman: bass clarinet, alto flute 
David & Sarah Ries: For a Song sibling harmonies 

Captiva (2019) 

All songs and sounds written, created, performed, recorded and mixed by Rachel Ries while an artist at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva Island, FL. 
Mastered by Brian Joseph at hive. 
Photography, design and screenprinting by Rachel.

In Nov/Dec 2018 I was lucky enough to be an artist at the Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island, FL. I, along with 8 other artists, lived and worked on the Rauschenberg property – a gorgeous, rambling tropical island haven – for six extraordinary weeks. While there, I set up a little recording studio in the Waldo Cottage to record and mix Captiva, a five-song collection / experiment. A couple weeks in, it became clear that I couldn't possibly NOT make artwork to go along with the EP, as I was surrounded by Rauschenberg's influence, screenprints, equipment, experiments and energy. And so! I tenderly and obsessively made a series of screenprint lyric art prints. 


Explore the work and grab a print here. 

To Gentlemen (2017)

Recorded in Eau Claire WI at Pine Hollow & hive.

Produced by Shane Leonard & Rachel Ries

Guitar, piano, vocals: Rachel Ries

Drums, Percussion: Shane Leonard

Bass: Pat Keen

Saxophone: Mike Lewis

Trumpet & Flugelhorn: John DeHaven

Recorded & Mixed by Brian Fredrick Joseph at hive.

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Layout & Design: Rachel Ries

Photography: Jesse Johnson


Explore the music, artwork, grab a vinyl 45 here.

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