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It's been awe-inspiring & enlivening to work on To Gentlemen (EP) To Love To Leave To Live with this crew since last fall. Such creativity and care! The core players are captured in the polaroid above. L to R: Pat Keen on upright & electric bass; Shane Leonard on drums, percussion, assorted guitars & organs and co-production; myself on vocals, pianos, organs, guitars and co-production. And at the helm, a most delicate, dedicated and musical engineer, Brian Joseph. That man is a secret sonic weapon and unquestionably the 4th band member.

The other players:

Rob Moose (string arrangements & performance)

Mike Lewis (saxophone)

Alec Spiegelman (baritone clarinet & alto flute)

John DeHaven (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Ben Lester (pedal steel)


1. The Blind Boys of Alabama w Shara Worden – I'll Find a Way (To Carry It All) // B. Joseph (engineer), M. Lewis (tenor & alto sax and bass)

2. PHOX – Slow Motion // B. Joseph (producer, engineer)

3. Bon Iver – Michicant // B. Joseph (engineer, mixing), M. Lewis (saxophone)

4. Cuddle Magic – Kiss You // A. Spiegelman (band member, songwriter, production, vocals, guitar & woodwinds)

5. Alabama Shakes – Guess How // R. Moose (arrangements, violin & viola)

6. Laura Marling – Soothing // R. Moose (arrangements, violin & viola)

7. Kalispell – Parting Ground // S. Leonard (songwriter, vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, percussion, programming), B. Joseph (producer, engineer, mixing)

8. The Tallest Man On Earth & yMusic – There's No Leaving Now // R. Moose (yMusic band member, strings & string arrangement)

9. Field Report – Marigolden // S. Leonard (drums, percussion, programming), B. Lester (pedal steel)

10. Anna & Elizabeth – Hop High // A. Spiegelman (production, woodwinds, programming)

11. Bon Iver – For Emma // J. DeHaven (trumpet)

12. The Stray Birds – Where You Come From // S. Leonard (drums, percussion)

13. Gayngs – Cry // M. Lewis (saxophone)

14. yMusic – Bladed Stance // R. Moose (yMusic band member, composition, strings)

15. Jennifer Kimball – Reedy River // A. Spiegelman (production, woodwinds)

16. Pat Keen – Albatross // P. Keen (songwriting, production, vocals, bass, guitar)

17. Humbird – August // P. Keen (bass)

18. Indigo Girls – Spread The Pain Around // B. Joseph (mixing)

19. J.E. Sunde – Wedding Ring // S. Leonard (drums, percussion), P, Keen (bass)

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